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Grand opening in Berlin

Waris Dirie, somalische Bestsellerautorin (Wüstenblume) und Aktivistin gegen Genitalverstümmelung (Foto: Stephanie Pilick/dpa)

On September 11th the first Desert Flower Center was launched in Berlin with a grand opening. Euro News

The Desert Flower Center in Berlin is a cooperation of the Desert Flower Foundation and the hospital Waldfriede. The Chronicle

The Desert Flower Center offers victims of FGM a holistic treatment and support.  FOX NEWS

The medical service includes gynaecological treatment, obstetrics, urology, coloproctology, reconstructive surgery . Furthermore the Desert Flower Center offers counselling by psychotherapists and social workers for victims and their families. The Daily Beast

Dr. Pierre Foldes, head of the French Institut en Santé Génésique in Paris has developed a new technique to reconstruct the clitoris and has operated successfully on more than 5.000 women. He is medical advisor to the project and already operated the first two patients in Berlin.

Dr. Roland Scherer, international renowned coloproctolgist and board member of the Desert Flower Foundation Germany, was recently once again nominated as one of Germany’s Top 100 medical doctors. Dr. Roland Scherer will be in charge of the Desert Flower Center Berlin.

The Desert Flower Foundation will offer workshops and trainings for girls and women affected or threatened by FGM and their families at the Desert Flower Center. Furthermore we will offer Workshops for social workers, development aid workers, medical staff, teachers and NGOs. In 2014 we will start to launch cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions, readings, film screenings and charity events to support the Desert Flower Center.

The Desert Flower Foundation Team has already successful held the first workshop for the medical staff of the hospital Krankehaus Waldfriede.

Our president Waris Dirie spoke at the grand opening of the Desert Flower Center and a great performance was presented by an ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Even the famous conductor Sir Simon Rattle attended the event.

Dr. Pierre Foldes held an impressive presentation and the board members of the Desert Flower Foundation including Dr. Roland Scherer, the French lawyer Linda Weil-Curiel, the Sudanese Doctor Umyma El Jelede and the managing director of the Desert Flower Foundation Walter Lutschinger participated in a concluding penal discussion. The international media coverage exceeded all our expectations. France 24 Der Spiegel NEWS 24

The Desert Flower Foundation will open more Desert Flower Centers over the next few months.

We request your financial support and donation to treat as many patients as possible free of charge.       

Desert Flower Foundation International Account: Erste Bank, Kto. Nr: 294 698 036 00BLZ: 20111IBAN: AT 94 20111 294 698 036 00BIC: GIBAATWW  
Desert Flower Foundation German Account:Commerzbank, Kto. Nr: 40 55 64000BLZ: 500 803 00IBAN: DE 25 5008 0300 0405 5640 00,BIC:DRSDEEF F

Desert Flower Swiss Account:

Raiffeisen Bank, Kto. Nr: 799407.36

IBAN: CH 63 8000 5000 0799 4073 6