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Our Project: Save the little Desert Flowers

Inab, Desert Flower Foundation Project Manager with little Desert Flowers in Djibouti 2014

Project and campaign 2014

Safa, the little Desert FlowerSafa Desert Flower Casting 2008 in Djibouti


Safa,a little Somali girl lives in Djibouti´s Balbala slums. She was chosen to play Waris Dirie as a child in her film „Desert Flower“. Safa is seen in the FGM scene.


Safa in the film “Desert Flower”


Djibouti has one of the highest prevalence rates of FGM in the world. 98% of the girls suffer from FGM.


A contract saves Safa


Safas parents wanted to mutilate her little daughter but…

the Desert Flower Foundation and Waris Dirie convinced Safa´s parents not to mutilate her daughter and signed a contract with the parents in 2008.


Safas family, Djibouti 2013


The contract with Safa´s parents guaranties the surviving of her family, Safa´s education and her physical integrity. Safa visits our pediatrician Dr. Emma Acina in Djibouti regularly.


Safa visits Dr. Emma Acina


Today, Safa visits the French Lycée in Djibouti, she is one of the best students in her class.


Safa is one of the best students


Safa, symbol for change

Waris Dirie and the Desert Flower Foundation visit Safa regularly in Djibouti


Waris and Safa in School 2013


and invited her to Europe.


Safa in Paris 2013


The international media from CNN to Voice of America reported about Safa´s rescue.

Waris and Safa on CNN 2013

According to UNICEF 30 million girls in Africa are threatened by female genital mutilation. Safa gives them a face, a name and a story.


Safa 2014


Save a little Desert Flower – The Project

In 2013 the Desert Flower Foundation started the project „Save a little Desert Flower“ in Djibouti.


First contracts signed in Djibouti 2013


The Desert Flower Foundation signed contracts with parents who are willing to stop the brutal practice and supports the families with a monthly „ration alimentaire“, and covers the costs for school and medical treatment. Pediatricians control the integrity of the girls regularly.


Mother signing contract with DFF 2013


The families have to participate in workshops and educational programs.


Mothers and daughters waiting for contracts, Ali Sabieh, Djibouti 2013

The Desert Flower Foundation will save 1.000 girls 2014!


The Desert Flower Foundation Team in Djibouti

Fardouza Moussa, teacher and director of Desert Flower Foundation Djibouti with Dr. Emma Acina, pediatrician, medical advisor and Vice-president of Desert Flower Foundation Djibouti.


Inab, Project Manager of “Save a little Desert Flower” in Djibouti.



Save a little Desert Flower – The Campaign

The Desert Flower Foundation will launch the campaign “Safe the little Desert Flowers” on February, 6th 2014.

The campaign will start in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with strong media support.


On February 6th, the Desert Flower Foundation will launch the campaign on their social media platforms and with international media partners.



Safa will visit Europe in June 2014 and will meet many people who support our project.


Desert Flower Centers the project and campaign

In September 2013 the Desert Flower Foundation launched their first Desert Flower Center in Berlin for holistic treatment of FGM victims. The Desert Flower Center offers reconstructive surgery, gynecological, urological, proctocological and psychological treatment for women affected by FGM, organizes workshops and educational trainings for African communities.


Dr. Pierre Foldes, Waris Dirie and Dr. Roland Scherer in Berlin 2013

The international media attended the opening ceremony and many hospitals in Europe, Africa and the US contacted the Desert Flower Foundation afterwards. Due the great demand, 150 million women are affected by FGM, the Desert Flower Foundation plans to open more Desert Flower Centers in 2014 including one Desert Flower Foundation Hospital in Kenya.


Opening ceremony with Waris Dirie and Sir Simon Rattle, supporter of the Desert Flower Foundation

The next Desert Flower Centers will open in Montreux (Switzerland), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Nairobi (Kenya).  Each Desert Flower Center will host the „Save a little Desert Flower“program.


Dr. Cornelia Strunz, Desert Flower Foundation secretary general with the first two patients


Desert Flower Foundation – Network

The Desert Flower Foundation was founded in 2002 by Waris Dirie and her team. Today, the Desert Flower Foundation is represented by local organizations in Germany, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Spain, The Netherlands, Poland and Djibouti and intent to open more foundations in Turkey, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Singapore and the US in 2014.