Organize your personal charity event!

Whether flea market, cake buffet or sports event: Organize a charity event for the benefit of the Desert Flower Foundation!
We will gladly provide you with documents and information about the work and the projects of the Desert Flower Foundation and thus support you in the preparation of your event!

You decide which project of the Foundation you support with the proceeds of your event.

You receive a letter of appreciation and the opportunity to report on the event in your city, in your sports club, your school, university, ... and to interview a member of the Desert Flower team!

Invite a member of the Desert Flower Team!

Do you want to actively support our fight against female genital mutilation by informing your fellow human beings, school colleagues, work colleagues and employees about this topic?
You are welcome to invite a member of the Desert Flower Team to a talk or a panel discussion on FGM, Women's Empowerment, Education and Africa!

Travel expenses as well as possibly accuring overnight expenses are taken over by the organizer.

Share the Desert Flower News with your friends, colleagues and followers!
Help us to inform and educate people!

250 million girls and women are affected by female genital mutilation. Over one million women who have become victims of this cruel ritual live here in Europe and need our help. You know that and we know that too - now let your friends, relatives, colleagues and follower know and share the Desert Flower News!

For registrations, questions and other concerns you can contact us here: 

Donations to the Desert Flower Foundation are tax deductible in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Poland. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you as one of our supporters!

Desert Flower Flea Market in Vienna: