Desert Flower Centers


- Desert Flower Center, Berlin
- Desert Flower Center, Stockholm
- Desert Flower Center, Paris
- Desert Flower Center, Amsterdam


In cooperation with the hospital Waldfriede we founded  the first medical center in Berlin for a holistic treatment of FGM victims worldwide.

The Desert Flower Center offers reconstructive surgeries for FGM victims, gynaecological, urological and psychological treatment. Furthermore the Desert Flower Center offers workshops and educational programs for african communities, medical staff, teachers, activists, social workers, development aid workers, municipalities and NGO´s.

The first FGM victims operations have been successful and more than 120 medical staff, doctors, nurses and midwifes parfticipated in the first Desert Flower workshop in the new Desert Flower Center Berlin.

In cooperation with the Karolinska University in Stockholm and Hôpital Delafontaine in Paris we were able to open Desert Flower Centers in Sweden and France. 

The Desert Flower Foundation will open more Desert Flower Centers in Africa, Europe, Asia and the US. With your donation you will support surgeries for FGM victims without insurance and the expenses for FGM workshops and educational programs for african communities.

Desert Flower Support Groups

The Desert Flower Foundation has support groups, in which affected women will be guided and supported. These support groups offer psychological support, Yoga gym courses, as well as conversational therapy. The first support group was launched in 2014 in Berlin.

Desert Flower Surgical Center

In 2014, together with the Dutch surgeon, Dr. Refaat Karim, the Desert Flower Foundation initialised a training centre for surgeons, gynaecologists as well as urologists in Amsterdam. Medical staff from Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands, Sierra Leone, Spain and the United Kingdom have already participated in the trainings.