And the winner is... Louisa Sillah

Desert Flower Foundation celebrates nine-year-old girl

Very proud! Louisa Sillah is "Miss Desert Flower Sierra Leone".

Congratulations to Louisa Sillah from Allen Town in Sierra Leone! The 9-year-old godchild of Waris Dirie and her Desert Flower Foundation won the title in the first "Miss Desert Flower Sierra Leone" poll. All 1000 sponsored children in Sierra Leone participated in the competition. "Sillah was the best in school and her dance performance was just great," said patron Waris Dirie. "She's full of self-confidence and talks like a politician, we're all very proud of Sillah."

As a newly crowned "Miss Desert Flower" Sillah also has tasks to fulfill. She will represent the Desert Flower family as an ambassador to school events in her country Sierra Leone.


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