In 1985 Great Britian introduced its first law against female genital mutilation, but the number of affected girls and women keeps rising. With over 100 000 affected girls Great Britain has the highest FGM rate within Europe.

137 000 FGM cases VS. ZERO convictions

The authorities have not been able to convict even one of the perpetratos.

We can’t live in a world were the number of victims keeps rising, while the number of convicted offenders remains ZERO!

But the case of a 49 year old man in London could lead to Britain’s first  FGM conviction!

The 49-year-old from south London is alleged to have carried out the crime on a young girl between 2010 and 2013. The man is charged with FGM,  wounding a child and three separete counts of child cruelty.

It is only the second female genital mutilation prosecution in the UK. The first, against a London doctor and another man, ended with not-guilty verdicts. 

Great Britain has introduced laws and many different measures to fight FGM in the past, such as trainings and airport surveillance, but nothing ever happened.

FGM is happening and we all know that!

32 years after making FGM illegal authorities were not able to convict at least on perpetrator! 

The police knows where to find the perpetrators and it’s high time to take legal action!

Support us in the fight against FGM! 

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