"Desert Flower" Alima is our little hero

Thanks to your donations, she can attend school in Sierra Leone

Alima in front of her school.

This is Alima. She is 9 years old and lives in Sierra Leone (West Africa). Since the death of her mother, her aunt Marie takes care of her. Alima is part of our sponsorship project "Save a small Desert Flower". This means that she has been financially supported by the Desert Flower Foundation for years. In return, her family had to contractually agree not to have Alima circumcised. She is thus spared the cruel ritual of the widespread female genital mutilation (FGM). Alima's physical integrity is checked twice a year by a local paediatrician.

Alima attends Anerdan School (3rd grade) in Allentown and according to her teachers she has made great progress. Since she is sometimes very shy, she is always rebuilt by her schoolmates. Lately Alima has had to struggle a lot with her health, but fortunately this has improved. She lives in a simple house, her aunt sells smoked fish at the market and thus ensures a minimal income. Alima is loved by her family members and is always supported in her studies. We are very proud of her, our "Desert Flower" Alima is a fighter.

Thanks to your donations she gets a school education, is spared from FGM and looks into a more self-determined future. We give little girls like Alima an education. This is our strongest weapon in the fight against the terrible practice of female genital mutilation.

Thank you very much for your generous support!

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