Desert Flower Workshop saves Mariama from FGM!


"I'm so grateful! Today I cannot understand how I could have considered having my wonderful daughter cut! Through attending Desert Flower Workshops, I’ve learned that FGM is wrong! Only now can I understand how harmful FGM is! Now I am trying to share my knowledge with other women and men in my community and to prevent parents from mutilating their daughters” says Fatmata, Mariamas mother.

80% of women and girls in Sierra Leone are affected by FGM! Between the ages of 15 and 49, it is even over 90%!

With our project "Save a little Desert Flower" we have already saved over 1000 girls from FGM! A sponsorship guarantees the integrity of a little Desert Flower and enables her to attend school. Investing in education for both, children and their parents, is essential in the fight against FGM!

Support us today and save a little Desert Flower from the cruel ritual of genital mutilation!


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