Education is our most powerful weapon in the fight against FGM!

So that every Desert Flower girl really has a self-determined future

Girls with Desert Flower education boxes in Sierra Leone.

It is time to take an intermediate stock and say THANK YOU for your support! Without your donations, we would be powerless in the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM). Today we can confidently say: Yes, it was the right decision to focus on education for girls and women in our mission!

With your generous donations we have been able to realise the following:

  • We distributed 20,000 Desert Flower education boxes to school children in Africa. Up to 30 children have to share one school book in Africa. There is a lack of school material everywhere. This is one of the reasons why many children can neither read nor write, even after several years of school attendance. And how could they, if they lack materials to consolidate what they have just learned? A Desert Flower education box contains a reading and exercise book, pencils, sharpener, eraser, wooden ruler and school bag. For only 10 Euros you can give a Desert Flower education box to a child in Africa.

    Here you can donate Desert Flower education boxes

  • We have built 3 Desert Flower schools for a total of 1,200 children in Sierra Leone (West Africa). All three of our schools are located in areas where there were previously no schools far and wide. The communities had to commit themselves in advance to putting an end to the horrible FGM ritual. School attendance also means at least one hot meal a day for the children at school. This relieves the burden on the family. The deal is clear: education for girls instead of genital mutilation!

    Here you can donate for the construction of another school

  • We have so far saved 1,500 girls from FGM in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Djibouti. The sponsorship project "Save a Little Desert Flower" is the flagship of the Desert Flower Foundation. And it is also the safest way to protect a girl from FGM. All our Desert Flowers get the opportunity to attend school and get an education. At the same time, their medical care is provided. As part of our obligatory health check, all sponsored girls are checked once a year by a doctor selected by us to ensure their physical integrity.

    Here you can become a sponsor

You can see: All our projects and campaigns are closely linked to education for girls. Education is the most powerful weapon in the fight against FGM. And the only effective tool to sustainably eradicate this terrible ritual from the world. Help us to save many more Desert Flowers from the cruel genital mutilation!

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