Egypt: Difficult fight against FGM!

More than 50% of girls and women in Egypt are affected by FGM!

Ten years ago, Egypt banned female genital mutilation, but the cruel practice is still widespread, costing the lives of many girls and women.

According to UNICEF (2016), 87% of girls and women between the ages of 15 and 49 are affected by female genital mutilation in Egypt.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population points out, that the rate of mutilated girls aged 15-17 between 2008 and 2014 has fallen from 74 percent to 61 percent.

Nevertheless, it is still a long way to go, until the laws and prohibitions finally make an impact!

Despite countless campaigns against FGM, 70% of young men still say they would consent to female genital mutilation for fear of not finding a husband for their girls later on.
The opinion that female genital mutilation guarantees women's fidelity is still widespread in the country.

Similarly, the opinion that FGM is a religious duty is deeply rooted in society, though it is neither endorsed in the Quran nor the Bible.

We believe that through education, a rethinking in society can be achieved through which FGM in Egypt finally comes to an end!

Issues such as sexual education are still considered taboo-topics in most parts of the country!

It is important to break this taboo, inform people and save the lives of thousands of girls and women! It needs to stop! There are too many young girls being deprived of their rights and lives.


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