Fatmata was saved from FGM thanks to your donations

Education is the most powerful weapon in the fight against female genital mutilation

Fatmata was saved from FGM and is going to school.

These are extremely difficult times we are going through. The coronavirus is keeping us on edge, demanding unprecedented restrictions from each of us. No one knows what lies ahead. No one can say how it will turn out for us.

Especially in such extraordinary times, it is important not to forget those who fight for bare survival every day. Girls and women who demonstrably suffer the most from hunger, poverty and illiteracy. Fatmata was lucky. She is one of our "Desert Flower" girls from Allen Town in Sierra Leone (West Africa), whom we saved from the cruel practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) thanks to your donations.

Even with small amounts of money you help us to protect innocent little girls from FGM and forced marriage and to enable them to get a school education for a more self-determined life.

For 10 Euro you can give a child in Africa a Desert Flower education box with reading and exercise booklet, colour pencils, sharpener, wooden ruler and school backpack - directly to the donation link.

For 30 Euro per month you can sponsor a child within our program "Save a Little Desert Flower" - directly to the donation link.

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