FGM-shock in Switzerland: 15,000 affected girls and not a single case has been brought to Court!

Do African circumcisers also practice in Switzerland?

According to the Federal Office of Public Health, at least 15,000 women and girls are already affected or threatened by female genital mutilation. The number has increased dramatically over the last 5 years!

It is impossible that these crimes have not been noticed.

4 out of 5 gynecologists and 2 out of 3 midwives report that they already have had contact with circumcised girls and women. Also the number of affected girls and women in hospitals and clinics is increasing!

2% of the doctors say that they have even treated women who have been cut recently.

Caritas Switzerland strongly suspects that female circumcisers from Africa are practicing the cruel procedure of female genital mutilation in Switzerland.

According to Caritas, some specialists are unable to cope with the topic and therefore avoid talking to FGM victims and their relatives. Medical staff also argues that often the procedure occurred too long ago or abroad, making complaints to the police inappropriate.

But according to Swiss penal law, the crime is punishable even if the procedure of female genital mutilation was committed abroad!

Only six years ago Switzerland has passed a law against FGM and not a single case has been brought to court to this day!

Every case of FGM must be reported without exception!

Switzerland please wake up. You can not accept this in your country!



Waris Dirie

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