Globe Afrique pays tribute to our work

Strong impact in advancing the eradication of female genital mutilation around the world

Waris Dirie saved little girls from FGM.

Great recognition for Waris Dirie and the Desert Flower Foundation team. The renowned web portal "Globe Afrique" dedicates a detailed report to our fight against female genital mutilation (FGM). It lists all the successes of the Desert Flower Foundation in Sierra Leone (West Africa) since its foundation in 2014. Special mention is made of the sponsorship project "Save A Little Desert Flower" and the large-scale educational initiative.

"The Desert Flower Foundation has exerted a strong influence on the eradication and awareness of female genital mutilation and forced marriages of young girls around the world, especially in Africa," the story begins with. Father Peter Konteh, head of the Desert Flower Foundation Sierra Leone, also appears. Without him, success and progress would not be possible. It is also he who supervises the construction of the first "Desert Flower schools" for a total of 1,200 children on site (see picture on the left).

About Waris Dirie, the report says: "Her courage, dedication, passion, empathy and advocacy have showcase FGM as a global problem that demands global action so that no girl child or woman becomes a victim. She has and continues to inspire women and men, mothers and fathers, families and communities to become a part in eradicating the practices of FGM. Her influence and commitment are visible."

For the report of "Globe Afrique" click here.

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