Guilty! Four years imprisonment for mother because of FGM

Next court ruling in fight against female genital mutilation

Razor blades are a common cutting tool for FGM.

Again, there is a landmark court ruling in the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM). A 45-year-old mother has now been sentenced to four years in prison in Queensland, Australia, for bringing her two daughters to Africa for circumcision in April 2015. The Somali-born woman is the first person to be arrested in Queensland for FGM.

Leanne Clare, a judge at Brisbane District Court, clarified in her reasoning that this mutilation should be considered child abuse. "No matter where a family comes from, whether in Somalia, India or Ashgrove, it makes no difference that children in that state enjoy equal protection under the law," Judge Clare told ABC News. The mother made the trip with the intention of mutilation and deliberately removed her daughters (then aged 10 and 13) from a country that would protect them. Explanation: Female circumcision is illegal in Queensland!

This verdict strengthens Waris Dirie and the work of her Desert Flower Foundation to eradicate the terrible crime of FGM worldwide!

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