How Myriam fights FGM with bottles

What do bottles and female genital mutilation have in common?

Quite a lot when it comes to 18-year-old high school graduate Myriam Courrèges from Schwäbisch Hall.

A year ago, Myriam launched her ecological and social project "Flaschen.Post" at the "Freie Waldorf Schule", and  started supporting our fight against the cruel ritual of female genital mutilation.

Each donated bottle supports a girl from our  Desert Flower  and protects her from circumcision.

In addition, the young pupil has achieved national recoginition on the subject of genital mutilation for her campaign.

Myriam, your commitment great is  and we thank you for your great support!

You show us: Everyone can change something:

"A simple everyday object, such as a bottle, is sufficient to set a sign against the problems in this world, which we no longer want to accept. It is a small and conscious action to make great impact! "- Myriam Courrèges

Together we can put an end to FGM! 
Got inspired?: Contact us now and start your own fundraiser against FGM! 

More information about Flaschen.Post here:

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