13 year old Anita

Exceptionally gifted girl saved from FGM by Desert Flower Foundation

Anita, our gifted little Desert Flower
Anita, our gifted little Desert Flower

Dear Desert Flower Foundation,

I would like to introduce my niece to you today. Anita Jabu Sesay is now 13 years old. She was born to an insane mother who abandoned her and left when she was a baby. She has proven to be extremely intelligent ever since she was a little girl. Her family, however, could not afford the school for Anita.

Fortunately, I found the Desert Flower Foundation project and brought Anita to Freetown to stay with me and my wife. Here she has better educational opportunities. I wanted to prevent wasting her abilities and talents. Now Anita finally has the opportunity to develop her skills. She takes for example part in various activities like spelling competition, quiz and drama. She also successfully participates in many sport and musical events. Anita actively practices jogging, dancing and singing.

As a social worker, I know exactly how important it is to save the girls in our country from FGM and to give them the opportunity to study. Women are the future of our continent. We have to think not only regionally but also globally. The better the African economy gets, the less money from other continents is required!

I would like to thank all the Desert Flower Foundation Team members for such an extraordinary initiative!


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