Mariam tells us about her first day at school

This month for many children a new chapter of their life is going to start: first day of school.

It is the beginning of a long journey that will change their lives forever.

The first letter is written. They are struggling to recognize  letters, and to form words with them.

And then it happens:  For the first time in your life you can read yourfavorite good-night!

It is a wonderful journey that everyone will remember.

But in Sierra Leone and other parts of the Sub-Sahara, this journey is different.

For Mariam, the first day of school was a shocking experience. Sad, she tells us her story:

Early in the morning I met my friends to walk to the school in the next village. It took us about one hour, but the time passes fast, when you are with your friends. I was full of joy and looking forward to all the new things I would experience this day.

When I arrived in front of the classroom, there were already many childred waiting to get in. Everyone was eager to get a own seat. My brothers already told me, that I had to be strong and very fast this day.

Our teacher opened the door to the class and my classmates rushed in. I couldn't see anything, it was so dark. Every seat I was aiming for was already taken.

But at the end I found a seat in the second last row, which I will be sharing with four other students this year. 

It's cramped, but at least I don't have to sit on the floor.

The teacher told us that we have 5 textbooks for the whole class. Everyone  jumped from their seats and rushed towards the books.

Full of energy I ran towards the textbooks. There it was, one book left. I was full of hope, while I was reaching for it. 
At the last moment I saw Said, the boy from next door, he glanced at me, pushed me away and grabbed the last textbook. 

It was decided: I was not going to have a school book this year.

It's my biggest wish to own a textbook.

The majority of  children, who are privileged to attend school, won't be owning a reading book during their time at school. 

They will probably never learn how to read or write. A hopeless future is in store of them, if nothing changes!

But YOU can change that! You can change Mariam's and her classmates' future and give them hope.


With our Desert Flower Education Box you can make these children's first day of school unforgettable and a key moment in their life.

A schoolbag filled with a first reading book by Waris Dirie, a ruler, a set of coloured pencils, notebook, a sharpener and an eraser will give them the necessary tools for an exciting experience and a better education.

Give now a Desert Flower Education Box to Mariam and many other children all over Africa and allow them to have an unforgettable school year.


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