Our "Desert Flowers" send encouraging messages

Desert Flower sponsored children from Sierra Leone build up all donors

Encouraging words from our "Desert Flowers".


The sponsored children of the "Werner Holzer Desert Flower School" in Allen Town (Sierra Leone) are formed left and right of the blackboard. Even before they have written in large letters on the blackboard: "We wish our donors a lot of strength in this difficult times". Then they all sing a song together.

Godchildren of our "Kiera Chaplin Desert Flower School" in River Number 2 south of the capital Freetown produced a courage video and designed posters or notes with motivating words. "Stay healthy", "We wish you all the best in your challenges" or "We hope all of you are doing well" are the messages that signal one thing: Even if we are separated by thousands of kilometres, we are moving closer together in these challenging times.

From 2014 to 2016 Sierra Leone was the worst affected country in West Africa by the Ebola crisis. Hardly any other nation has been so badly affected in recent years. Before the Ebola catastrophe a cruel civil war was raging. But now that Europe has become the hotspot of the coronavirus pandemic, the youngest members of society in Sierra Leone are sending us encouraging messages.

We think: a wonderful initiative that deserves applause!

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