Our Story for the International Day of the Girl Child: "Powergirl" Doris, 13 years old

Tomorrow is International Day of the Girl Child and on this occasion we would like to introduce to you a very special girl:
Our little Desert Flower Heroine Doris!

Doris is 13 years old and the only one in her family who vehemently defends herself against female genital mutilation and remains unscathed.

Her mother worked as a cutter before she died, and Doris' aunt and her eldest sister still practice this terrible job in their village in the Moyamba district.

For girls coming from such a family background it seems almost impossible to escape the inhumane practice.
But Doris has made it. She left home after her mother's death and was placed in a "Safe House" by our Desert Flower Foundation team in Sierra Leone 5 years ago.

Thanks to the support of the Desert Flower Foundation, she enthusiastically visits the school and campaigns against FGM in her class.

It takes incredible courage to fight against her own family in Sierra Leone and to fight for her own rights and a self-determined future at such a young age.

Doris, we are very proud of you! 

Help us now to save more Little Desert Flowers from the cruel practice on the International Day of the Girl Child!

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