Radio sets for our "Desert Flowers" in Sierra Leone

So that education is not lost in the Corona crisis

One of our "Desert Flowers" proudly shows her radio.

The Corona crisis hits the poorest of the poor even harder. That is why we act and take action. In the last weeks we have distributed more than 150 radios to our sponsored children in Sierra Leone (West Africa). So they can take advantage of the government's radio lessons!

Since March 31st all schools in Sierra Leone are closed because of Covid-19. The government has set up distance learning via radio for primary and secondary school students. Like six years ago when the country was hit by the terrible Ebola epidemic. Even then the radio education programme was developed. The reintroduction is a first attempt to make up for the loss of school lessons due to the corona crisis. In practice it looks like this: Every hour a different class in Sierra Leone can hear their teachers on the radio. For example, the first class at 3 pm, the second at 4 pm and so on.

The problem is that many school-age children in Sierra Leone do not have access to radio sets. Or families simply cannot afford to buy a radio. The sets we get cost 20 Euro a piece. They are of high quality and offer the possibility to record programmes digitally. This means that the children can repeat the lessons again and again on their own and even in the coming holidays they can deepen what they have learned. In addition, the rechargeable battery reduces the cost of buying batteries.

But we need more radios to equip those "Desert Flowers" that were not there when we first distributed them. Please support us with your donation!

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