Save A Little Desert Flower - Now also in Guinea!

We have expanded our successful sponsorship project

Waris Dirie is now also helping girls in Guinea.

Our Desert Flower Family is getting bigger and bigger. Recently, we are also represented in Guinea, West Africa with the sponsorship project Save a Little Desert Flower. After Djibouti and Sierra Leone, this is the third country in Africa where we are able to save innocent girls from the terrible ritual of female genital mutilation (FGM) thanks to your generous support.

You wonder why Guinea? We deliberately chose this West African country for our mission. Nine out of ten women are genitally mutilated. After Somalia, Guinea has the second highest prevalence of FGM worldwide. 97 percent of all girls and women between the ages of 15 and 49 are circumcised in Guinea (source: UNICEF).

On the left you see Aminata, Hajda, Lisa and Mariame. They are the first four girls we rescued from FGM in Guinea and are providing schooling. In the meantime, we have signed dozens more contracts. And there are more and more.

Of course, we are pursuing exactly the same goals with our new sponsorship programme in Guinea as in the other countries: to put an end to this cruel practice once and for all through education for girls!

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