Shock! Mariatu (10) dies after circumcision

Urgent appeal by Waris Dirie to politicians in Sierra Leone

Waris (r.) shocked after FGM-massacre in Sierra Leone.

"I've been fighting for 20 years to end this horror, then I'm here in Sierra Leone and it's happening again!" Waris Dirie is deeply shocked after the last sad news from the West African state. By chance, it leaked out that at least 64 girls were cruelly mutilated during an FGM massacre. 10-year-old Mariatu did not survive the brutal ritual and bleed to death. Particularly tragic: Her father wanted to prevent the circumcision, as his older daughter had already died from the consequences of FGM. The mother did it anyway!

Seven other girls are in critical condition after genital cutting and have been hospitalized. Father Peter Konteh, director of the Desert Flower Foundation Sierra Leone, has filed a complaint with the police about "serious assault". Also, because the government in Sierra Leone still stands passively by FGM. Again and again it happens that authorities are even blocked after FGM incidents. Five circumcisers were arrested following the announcement of the Desert Flower Foundation, others are still on the run. The mother of Mariatu should also be submerged.

The shock at Waris Dirie, who herself became a FGM victim at the age of five, is so deep because she's on a major campaign tour in Sierra Leone. Every day she appears in the media against this cruel practice. Waris will never give up her worldwide fight against female genital mutilation! With her Desert Flower Foundation, she has saved more than 1000 girls from FGM in Sierra Leone alone and has given them the opportunity to attend the school. Unfortunately, 10-year-old Mariatu was not so lucky!

That's why Waris appeals loudly to the government in Sierra Leone: "I'm deeply disappointed with politics, and there's still no law against this brutal and inhuman ritual in Sierra Leone. Stop FGM!" But what gives Waris strength: Thousands of people in Sierra Leone have joined her campaign. And there are more every day.

Please support Waris Dirie and the work of the Desert Flower Foundation!


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