Swiss court confirms judgement in genital mutilation trial

Somali woman sentenced to eight months' conditional imprisonment

Waris Dirie (middle) with children rescued from FGM.

A verdict with far-reaching consequences! A Somali woman was sentenced to eight months in prison for having her two daughters circumcised before entering Switzerland. The Federal Court did not allow the woman's objection that she did not know that her actions were punishable by law. As the court further noted, it does not matter that the offence was committed abroad and the woman had no connection with Switzerland at the time.

"Female genital mutilation is also punishable if the offence is committed abroad, the offender is in Switzerland and is not extradited", it stated in the explanatory memorandum and the court added that the prohibition could also extend to persons who are only transiting the country. "A milestone in the fight against FGM! This decision has far-reaching consequences," says Waris Dirie, who is pleased with the decision. "From now on, all parents of FGM daughters, no matter where that was done, can be tried and sentenced."

Nevertheless, the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS) continues to justify female genital mutilation. This concerns the removal of the clitoral foreskin, known in Islam as "Sunna circumcision". Ferah Ulucay, General Secretary of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland, even fights for parents to be able to decide whether they want their daughters circumcised in Switzerland. She recently announced this on the Austrian television programme "Talk im Hangar-7" on Servus TV. A scandal for Waris Dirie, because after the verdict of the Swiss Federal Court such an attitude is not acceptable!


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