Third "Desert Flower School" for 400 children in Tombo

It will be named the "Rotary Club Heidenheim Desert Flower School"

Children at the laying of the foundation stone.

Until recently, there was a large fallow meadow there. From now on we will be sawing, hammering and mixing the concrete. The current pictures of the construction of our third "Desert Flower School" in the fishing village Tombo at the Atlantic coast of Sierra Leone (West Africa) give us great pleasure.

After the heavy rainy season in August and September with numerous floods the construction had to be postponed again and again. Now it goes abruptly. The foundation stands, the walls are also already pulled up (see photo collage). At this pace, it is even possible that the opening will take place at the end of the year. Our third school for 400 children in Sierra Leone is financed by generous donations from the "Rotary Club Heidenheim" in Germany. Therefore it will be called "Rotary Club Heidenheim Desert Flower School".

The next exclamation mark in the fight against the terrible practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). All future students of the "Rotary Club Heidenheim Desert Flower School" in Tombo are of course not genital circumcised. The entire community in the fishing village has sworn away from the bloody ritual FGM for the construction of the school. By enabling girls in Africa to attend school, we not only ensure their physical integrity, we also give them the chance to lead a more self-determined life. We are firmly convinced: Education stops FGM in Africa!

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