Two Little Desert Flowers saved from cutting season

When Holiday Season turns into cutting season

Every year when school ends and children all over the world get to go on holidays, some children would rather stay at school.

Maybe you ask yourself why or think no way?

Unfortunately we can show you the sad reality for over million of girls.

Kadiatu and her sister Musu are two of them. A few weeks ago, when our team met up with the sisters, they told us, they would rather stay in school for Christmas holidays.

A few meters away from the school playground, where nobody could hear them, they told us, that there parents were planning to take them to their grandparents  in the countryside for Christmas, where they would become a "real woman". 

A destiny, that many young girls share. Thousands of girls all over the world are threatened to be taken places to be cut.

Sometimes parents would take their daughters to their homecountries to undergo the procedure or as in Kadiatu’s and Musu’s case  they send them to the countryside.

But one day they sisters heard about Wuyatta and Isata, social workers from our DFF team Sierra Leone, women just like them, who were offering help to girls like Kadiatu and Musu. It didn't take us long to intervene and to save these girls from being cut and making them two of over 1000 Desert Flowers in Sierra Leone.

We changed their family's mind about FGM and the girls' mind about holidays!

It’s a courageous choice to make no matter the circumstances- choosing freedom, over tradition. Choosing courage, over fear.

It takes a movement to make a change- and with our international team and your support we will make changes happen!

Please support us now, so that no longer any girl fears to go on holidays! 


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