Waris Dirie appeals to the world: "Stop this madness!"

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) costs billions every year

Urgent appeal from Waris Dirie.

On today's International Day (6 February) against Female Genital Mutilation, the World Health Organization (WHO) is stirring up the public with an alarming report. FGM not only causes pain and lifelong complications for girls and women, but also places an enormous burden on the health budgets of the countries where this horrific practice is widespread. According to the WHO, the unbelievable sum of 1.4 billion US Dollar (1.3 billion Euro) has to be raised every year to treat the health effects of FGM. In some countries, the costs already account for 30 percent of annual health expenditure.

"How crazy is that?", asks Waris Dirie rightly. "Now we know that FGM is also responsible for economic damage amounting to billions. Aside from the fact that it is the most cruel human rights violation that can be done to little, innocent girls. I call on governments and all religious communities: Do something! Stop the madness! Come to your senses! This situation is simply unbearable."

And finally Waris Dirie says: "We need strictest measures against this ritual of coercion, which despises women. And from religious leaders worldwide a commitment that FGM really has no place in our time anymore."

Click here for the WHO report.

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