Waris Dirie with Christmas miracle

Wonderful success in Sierra Leone

Waris with some circumcisers and rescued girls.

Big success for Waris Dirie in Sierra Leone. During her visit to Allen Town, 20 female genital circumcisers stopped their bloody ritual and handed over FGM-threatened girls to the Desert Flower Foundation. The girls were already prepared for the inhuman female genital mutilation, but were rescued in a solemn ceremony.

Pure emotions! Waris was frenetically celebrated for her work by hundreds of mothers and daughters in the streets of Allen Town. From now on, these young girls will also be looked after in the sponsorship project "Save a small desert flower".

So far, more than 1000 girls in Sierra Leone have been rescued by us from FGM. But our fight against female genital mutilation is far from over. Please support our project!


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