We also saved Safura (9) from FGM

That's why our sponsorship project is so sustainable

Safura is spared the cruel torture of FGM.

The example of Safura and her family shows how successfully our sponsorship project "Save a little Desert Flower" works in practice. Safura is nine years old and comes from Sierra Leone's capital Freetown. She lives with her sister Hadiza and the brothers Dayyan and Fawaz with her single mother Mariama. Her father died when she was four years old. Since 2016 Safura is financially supported by us. She attends the 5th grade of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner International Primary School in Freetown.

Through the support the life of the whole family (see photo below left) has changed positively. Mother Mariama explains that the help from the Desert Flower Foundation is a blessing because Safura's sister Hadiza has also become a beneficiary of the sponsorship project. Education is the key in our fight against female genital mutilation (FGM), because we help the girls to lead a self-determined life. In return, the families must contractually agree not to have their daughters circumcised. In addition, they must not be forced to marry before completing their school education.

It is crucial that we do not tear our "Desert Flowers" out of their family circle. On the contrary, they are bringing about change in their community, a sustainable rethink. Mother Mariama is so grateful for the support that she promises us again and again never to introduce her daughters to the Bondo secret society. Anyone who wants to become part of this still very influential women's association in Sierra Leone must have their genitals circumcised.

FAMILY - EDUCATION - HEALTH - SUSTAINABILITY are the four cornerstones of our sponsorship project "Save a little Desert Flower". Safura and her family prove that these are not just empty words. The path we have taken is the right one.

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