We are all relieved! Our school has reopened

From now on normal teaching will take place again in our "Kiera Chaplin Desert Flower School"

One of our students from the "Kiera Chaplin School".

That gives us hope! Since Monday, October 5th, our "Kiera Chaplin Desert Flower School" in Sierra Leone (West Africa) is back to normal school operations. Of course under strict observance of all measures decreed by the government to further contain the corona virus.

A very decisive step in our fight against the cruel ritual of female genital mutilation (FGM). Education for girls is the only effective way to end FGM sustainably.

Since March 31st, when the first positive corona case was confirmed in Sierra Leone, all schools throughout the country have been closed. As during the terrible Ebola epidemic (2014-2016), the government has established a radio distance learning system. Therefore, we had equipped many of our sponsored children with radios. So that education does not fall by the wayside.

But now we are relieved that we can teach the children again directly in our "Desert Flower School"!

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