"Wüstenblume" - only a few days left until the world premiere!

Last rehearsals before the musical premieres on 22 February at the Theater St. Gallen

The life story of Waris Dirie now comes on stage as a musical.


WÜSTENBLUME - the musical! After a bestseller book (1998) and a successful feature film (2009), the moving and unique life story of Waris Dirie is now coming to stage. The venue is the Theater St. Gallen (SUI), where preparations and the last rehearsals before the world premiere on Saturday, 22 February 2020, 7 pm, are in full swing. A mixture of tension, anticipation and nervousness is in the air a few days before the premiere.

"With this musical I want to encourage all women and girls," says Waris Dirie. "You can achieve everything in life - even as a woman! No matter where you come from or what colour skin you have." That's the message Waris Dirie wants to convey with the musical. WÜSTENBLUME hits the ravages of time with cutting-edge themes such as equal rights and the empowerment of women, tolerance and migration. Of course it is meant to entertain, but also to point out and shake people awake. And to remind us of the need to fight against the cruel ritual of female genital mutilation (FGM). Because still every 11 seconds a girl somewhere in this world is genitally circumcised.

With the musical WÜSTENBLUME Waris Dirie takes a fresh start and once again creates awareness for a mission that has become her life's work!

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