"Desert Flower" Alima is our little hero

Thanks to your donations, she can attend school in Sierra Leone

Alima in front of her school.

We are very proud of our "Desert Flower" Alima. She is a real fighter.


Waris Dirie cooperates with sustainable shoe brand

Proceeds from the sale go to school projects in Africa

Waris Dirie starts new campaign.

Waris Dirie is now collaborating with sustainable brand Vivobarefoot.


Sierra Leone's First Lady calls for end of female circumcision

Fatima Maada Bio surprises with powerful statement

First Lady Fatima Maada Bio (l.) with powerful statement.

++ BREAKING NEWS ++ First Lady of Sierra Leone calls for an end of female circumcision and advocates education for all girls.


Your donations have given Mamadi a new life

She is currently taking exams in order to be able to study at the university

Mamadi wants to study.

Mamadi thanks all donors and dreams of university studies.


Waris Dirie: "Mom, I forgave you a long time ago!"

Her mother held her down at female circumcision, today she is supported by her in the fight against FGM

Waris with her mother Faduma.

Read Waris Dirie's very personal words to her mother Faduma!