First "Desert Flower School" is at the heart of our educational initiative

For girls education is the key to a more self-determined life

Waris Dirie with some of her godchildren.

Waris Dirie and her godchildren are happy about the construction progress in Sierra Leone.


Guilty! Four years imprisonment for mother because of FGM

Next court ruling in fight against female genital mutilation

Razor blades are a common cutting tool for FGM.

Somali woman sentenced to prison for bringing her daughters to Africa for genital circumcision.


Our first "Desert Flower School" grows and grows

The foundation walls are up, soon the roof will come

Waris Dirie provides school education for children.

Education for the integrity of girls - that's the deal!


Waris Dirie warns of dramatic increase of FGM in Europe

European politicians must take the problem much more seriously

Waris Dirie (middle) raises alarm.

Waris Dirie raises the alarm: cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) are rising rapidly in Europe!


Waris Dirie starts interview tour in London

Our campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM) sets new standards

Waris Dirie (r.) during her interviews in London.

Our "EndFGM" campaign ensures great media coverage. Waris Dirie completes interview marathon in London.