How You can support Waris Dirie's fight against female genital mutilation!

...because an organization needs its supporters...

"More than ever, we need to focus on and invest in education to empower the young generation, to choose a self-confident, advanced way of life and to let go of old and cruel traditions. And for that I - and millions of girls in Africa - need your help!
Together we can reach our goal!"


5 years of strong feelings at Desert Flower Center Berlin

Dr. Cornelia Strunz: All those positive experiences give me the strength not to give up the difficult fight against this cruel ritual!

" Sincere Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

When I came to Berlin all the way from Africa I knew what I want to do but I didn’t know how.

They have done it for me! I will ever be grateful for that! You are changing lives for the better!"


FGM-shock in Switzerland: 15,000 affected girls and not a single case has been brought to Court!

Do African circumcisers also practice in Switzerland?

4 out of 5 gynecologists and 2 out of 3 midwives report that they already have had contact with circumcised girls and women!


5 years Desert Flower Center Berlin: the big interview

Youngest FGM-patient at the Desert Flower Center was 8 years old!

"Our youngest FGM patient was eight years old! She lives in Germany and was cut at the tender age of 8 months in Gambia. In the summer of 2015, her parents came to me and asked for help."


There is nothing like Mom hugs!

Our Moms are absolutely amazing and there are just millions of reasons why we love them to the moon and back!