Grandmother from Sierra Leone shares tears of joy

Letter of appreciation from Sierra Leone

Tears of gratitude and relief
Tears of gratitude and relief

Dear Desert Flower Foundation,

I would like to thank you for your support.  Due to your help my granddaughter Esther Dumbuya won’t be cut. Her life conditions were already difficult enough since her mother, a prostitute, gave her away shortly after her birth.

Esther is one year and nine months old. Despite her circumstances she is a very energetic and active girl who brings much joy into my life.

Unfortunately, her father is unemployed and depends on me and my meagre salary. Esther lives currently with me. My house is dilapidated and we have already been notified to quit the place. In addition, my health is in a critical state. Recently I was feeling so bat that I even had to be taken to the treatment centre, where I was told I had high blood pressure. Thanks to your help, I can now afford the necessary medication, and I am very happy for that.

However, what makes me the happiest is that Esther won’t be cut and will be able to go to school and get the chance to lead an independent life. I can finally be relieved, because the Desert Flower Foundation stands behind us and even when I’m gone one day, I know that my little Esther will be taken care of.

Many Thanks,

Martha Dumbuya

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