A Christmas Miracle- How we turned Isatu's life around and saved her from being cut!

Let's become the most valueable Christmas Gift ever! You won't regret it!

One year ago Isatu's life started out like so many girls in Sierra Leone. 

Born into a poor family it was hard for her parents to afford life with two children, let alone school fees. Isatu and her sister Aminata were bright children, from an eary age,  together they explored everything around them, for hours they would go out with their dad and ask them about everything.

But there they were, two cheerful and smart young ladies with no money for tuition fees and forced to drop out of school- a potential destined to remain unfulfilled. 

Tragedy struck again, when their father Allieu broke his leg- they had no money for a doctor- and with the father injured, they had no one to bring money home. As for many families in Sierra Leone- Isatu's family was traped in a vicious circle. Her parents saw no other way than to marry her off to a man who could provide for her- but also a man who demanded a cut woman...

But with 13 years old- Isatu was defintely not ready for marriage- she knew that and so did her parents..


Today Isatu is crying- it's not sadness that fills her face, but joy- tears of joy are running down her cheerful face, while our team is visiting her.

Last month Isatu met our team in her village and applied for our sponsorship programme. 

Thanks to the new sponsors we were able to assign Isatu and Aminata immediately to sponsors- marriage and FGM were off the table!

Through our support the sisters are finally back in school, their father got due treatment and their mother  can even afford a little selling point in the village- something that helps the family sustainably! 

With the support of our awesome donors, we are not only saving girls from FGM but also providing a source of livelihood for families- so that no father or mother is forced to marry off their child just to survive.

Isatu and her family say THANK YOU and wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Isn't it incredible how much of a difference we can make? Together we just turned Isatu's life upside down- but in a good way. 

Let's write history and change the future of as many girls as possible! 

Become a sponsor now and be the most valuable Christmas Gift for a girl in Sierra Leone! 

She will thank you for the rest of her life! 


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