A father's fight: Father demands FGM STOP

When a father gives everything to stop FGM for his daugthers.. - Ena's Desert Flower Blog

When we talk about fighting FGM we do not only need women to fight this tradition but also the men on our sides. Only as one we can stop FGM.

On my visit to Sierra Leone I met Joseph, a father who wants nothing more for his daugthers than to get an education and to break the cycle of FGM.

Joseph lives with his four children and wife in rural Sierra Leone. For the past years he has been fighting FGM and demanding parents to take responsibility for their children and to stop this ritual.

We spent hours together discussing this old tradition in his community. He told me all about it and how he never wants his daughters to suffer from this inhuman procedure. 

„Back in the days when there were no schools young girls used to go to training grounds in the bush to learn community values and to be intitiated into the society as women and FGM was a part of it. But now there are schools, now there is no need for this, now we have to know better. WE as parents are responsible for the well being of our children and we must not hurt them. There are medical consequences and taking your daughter to the bush deprives her of being educated. You have to know: The moment you send you daugther to the bush you are neglecting your duties as a father“



Joseph asks the parents all over Sierra Leone and the rest of Africa to stop FGM immediately and to enable their daugthers to attend school!

This man is a true hero! Someone who wants the best for his daughters and the best for the future of his country.

We honour Joseph and all the men in the world for their their commitment to their children’s future.

We stand alongside them supporting them in the fight against FGM and for education.

If you want to stand with us too, you can support our projects in Sierra Leone and become a sponsor and not only safe a girl from FGM but also educate communities about FGM and support their fight against it.

Join now our passionate community of committed supporters and help stop FGM.

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