BREAKING NEWS: number of FGM VICTIMS rises to 250 million!

According to UN Secretary-General the number of FGM victims worldwide has increased. It's estimated that over 250 million women and girls are affected by the inhuman procedure all over the world, that are 50 million (!) young girls and women more than estimated.

It's time to wake up! We have been urging politicians, their governments and religious leaders for years now to take action against this cruel practice. All we ever got were promises, but nothing ever happened.

Our foundation has been implementing projects in communities in order to save girls actively from being cut and we are succeeding in this communities, Our project show: WE CAN STOP FGM, IF WE WANT TO! 

We have to take this in our own hands! Everyone one of us has to get up, only then we can stop FGM!

Support our "Save a Little Desert Flower" project and save a girl from being cut today! 

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