Desert Flower Campaigners: Safa

Today I want to honour a very special young girl: Safa Idriss Nour 
As a little girl Safa played little me in the movie Desert Flower. She was the one acting in this heartbreaking cutting scene that probably most of you have seen!

Safa is an incredible young woman. 
She was the very first little Desert Flower I saved from female genital mutilation together with my Foundation. 
Safa has an extremely strong character and her appearance is impressive.
Her commitment to fight FGM is strong. 
And that is why 
“I am so honoured to be nominating Safa Idriss Nour as an Unsung Heroine for @portermagazine’s #IncredibleWomen because even at her young age she inspires me as a strong voice in the fight against FGM. Please read my tribute at…”
LOVE and all the very best to you my baby girl!

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