Donate children a Desert Flower education box

For only 10 Euro you can make children's hearts beat faster

Great joy for children about Desert Flower school package.

No matter where our employees go with the educational boxes, they get the same picture everywhere: children's eyes are shining and growing bigger and bigger. Skeptical faces that turn into bright smiles. The distribution of our 10,000 educational packages to schools in Sierra Leone (West Africa) is a mega-success. But now we have set ourselves an even more ambitious goal: We want to distribute 1 million of our Desert Flower education boxes to schoolchildren in Africa!

The reasons are obvious: In Africa only one of 30 school children owns a school book. Many can neither read nor write even after four years of school attendance, as no school materials are available. In public elementary schools there are neither reading books nor writing utensils. According to UNESCO and WHO, the countries with the highest illiteracy rate in Africa are also those with the highest incidence of female genital mutilation (FGM). The Desert Flower educational boxes are an important step to effectively combat illiteracy and thus poverty and FGM in Africa.

Each of our school packages contains an exercise and reading book, six coloured pencils, a sharpener and a wooden ruler. Let's work together to make even more radiant children's faces. With a donation of only 10 Euro you can give a child a Desert Flower education box and make an important contribution. Fact is: Only if we invest in education we will be able to eradicate FGM once and for all!

The direct link to donate a Desert Flower education package is here.


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