FGM madness in London

A Somali taxi driver from Bristol is currently in court for genitally mutilating his seven-year-old daughter, so she does not have to "feel sexy all the time"
The 29-year-old further testified that the mutilation was carried out at a health center.
It is part of his culture and tradition and he decided that his daughter would undergo the "small" version of genital mutilation, said the perpetrator.

In London, a West African lawyer is in court for cutting his nine-year-old daughter as a punishment removed.
In the same year she was mutilated again, undergoing the procedure twice! The cruel ritual was performed by a cutter at the lawyer's home.
Since the girl only became aware through lectures at school that she had become a victim of female genital mutilation, the case was brought to court only now.
The father is pleading not guilty, since the mutilations were carried out by "cutters". He argued that FGM was necessary to preserve a woman's virginity and to ensure social acceptance.

Although around 140,000 cases of FGM are known in the UK, there has not been a single conviction yet!
The fight against this cruel crime is still neglected by the government!
As long as the British government does not take this problem seriously, and there are no convictions, this madness will never end!
We demand severe punishment - there has been enought talking!

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