Great success for our education initiative in Allentown

Whole community helps build "Desert Flower school"

Waris Dirie enables children to go to school.

He has already experienced a lot, but father Peter Konteh himself was astonished. As head of the Desert Flower Foundation in Sierra Leone (West Africa), he supervises the construction of the first "Desert Flower schools" for us on site. One of these major projects is currently being implemented in Allentown. And as Peter Konteh tells us, the whole community is involved in the construction of our school (see photos below left).

For us this is a confirmation that the educational work in the communities is really taking effect. Families renounce the cruel ritual of female genital mutilation (FGM) and want to send their daughters to schools. This is exactly what our education initiative aims at. With the construction of our first "Desert Flower schools" in Sierra Leone, we enable girls to attend school. "The only way to really stop female genital mutilation is education and above all schooling," explains Waris Dirie.


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