Great success!

Study in British Medical Journal proves massive decline of FGM in Africa!

I am so happy that our work and those of many other NGOs fighting against FGM is showing great impact.

When I first talked about what cruel crime happened to me as a child in the Somali desert in 1997, almost nobody has ever heard about FGM.

After speaking publicly about my trauma, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan appointed me as Special UN Ambassador and I traveled around the world to talk about this cruel and pointless torture.

Millions of people all around the world have read my books or saw the movie "Desert Flower" and became aware of the topic.

With my own Desert Flower Foundation, I successfully implemented measures in the fight against FGM.

Since 1998, I have given countless interviews, with the aim of awakening the world and especially to convince mothers in Africa to let their daughters no longer be cut!

During our numerous visits and the work of Desert Flower Foundation in Africa in the last years I could observe that especially young mothers went strongly against FGM and their daughters no longer want to be circumcised!

And now this success !!!

The prevalence of FGM in East Africa for girls under the age of 14 has dropped from 71% in 1995 to only 7% in 2018.

Based in Newcastle United Kingdom, the renowned Institute of Biostatistics at University of Northumbria evaluated for the first time in history all data and studies available from 1995 from 29 African countries, which practice FGM.
The FGM numbers in West Africa decreased from 73.6% to 25.4%. The northern part of the continent could even achieve a decrease to 14.1%.

The success is great, however the authors of the study also warn that this great achievement can be reversed if these countries  don’t invest in education and reduces poverty.

Dear supporters of the Desert Flower Foundation!

Our joint fight against FGM was and is very successful, but it is far from over!

With your donation you can help us finish FGM even faster and forever.


Many Thanks!




Waris Dirie

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