Here our first Desert Flower Library is being built

We focus on education in the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM)

First Desert Flower Library and Waris Dirie with reading booklet.

The Desert Flower Foundation is not only building the first three "Desert Flower Schools" for 1,200 children in Sierra Leone, shortly the first Desert Flower Library with computer learning centre will be opened in the West African country. As you can see on the photo below left, the final polish is being applied to the building. A local artist quickly embellishes the exterior wall of our library.

In the fight against the brutal ritual of female genital mutilation (FGM), Waris Dirie and her team focus on education. "Only with access to education we can stop this cruel crime against small, innocent girls," explains Waris Dirie. As part of this major educational initiative, the Desert Flower Foundation is building three schools in Sierra Leone, a "Safe House" where FGM victims can find refuge and protection, and distributing educational boxes with reading and exercise books, pencils, sharpeners, wooden rulers and school backpacks. The last important part of our major educational initiative is the completion of the first Desert Flower Library with an attached computer learning centre.

Please support our Desert Flower educational projects. Thank you very much!

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