FGM FREE: How a whole village turned against FGM

Allen Town- Sierra Leone…  a village that left me speechless.

Eradicating massive and really complex issues such as FGM in the long run, takes a lot of time, unfortunately it won’t disappear over night.

But it’s surprising how quickly you can create improvements in the lives of women and girls when you help communities discover a new thinking to an old tradition.

We’ve seen remarkable changes on our visit to Sierra Leone: The community of Allen Town, a small suburb in the mountains of Freetown, declared itself to a Desert Flower community. Women, men, boys and girls, they all say NO to FGM, working their hardest to make a change in the Sierra Leonen society: They want to become FGM free in the next three years!

Allen Town is only one out of  six communities where the work of the Desert Flower Foundation had a huge impact.

They are changing and step by step Sierra Leone is changing: starting from the way mothers and fathers see their daughters to acknowledging the importance for the education of the girl child.

And that's just the beginning. Just imagine when the boys and girls of today become the future of tomorrow: a future that got the gift of  education and rethinks values! 

We are so happy that we get to work with these amazing communities thanks to YOUR SUPPORT ! 

Let's create more Allen Towns together and give girls a future in dignity! 

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