20 years Desert Flower and my new mission!

600 million women in Africa need our help.


2018 is very special to me.

Exactly 20 years ago I published my personal life story in the book "Desert Flower", and started my fight against FGM worldwide.

Unfortunately twenty years later, FGM and the violation of women's rights continue worldwide.

I experienced extremely brutal physical and sexual violence in my family and in our country Somalia against women and against myself.

Born a girl, you are NOTHING in Africa. You get beaten up, raped, genitally mutilated, bought or sold and thrown away if you are no longer wanted. You are humiliated and broken on a daily basis, you learn to accept that you are worth nothing.

But I will not accept that!
This violence and disrespect must finally come to an end.

About 600 million women and girls live in Africa and half of them are under 15 years old.

They have a right not be forgotten, to be helped and to get out of this vicious circle of violence and disrespect. 

A woman has the right to self-determination, self-fulfillment and social equality, no matter what country she lives in. That's what I fight for!

Female genital mutilation is an awful tradition against little girls, which today, after 20 years, is considered by many to be a nefarious crime and is banned almost everywhere.

Many problems in Africa are the result of cruel oppression of women.

Starting today, together with my Desert Flower Foundation I will fight for 600 million women in Africa, because they are the backbone of Africa.

I fight for the people of Africa not having to leave their continent because they see no future.




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