Kenyan doctor wants FGM to be legalised


Tatu Kamau, a Kenyan doctor, is seeking to legalize female genital mutilation in her homeland.

According to Kamau a ban on the internationally condemned practice is unconstitutional and women should be allowed to do it if they wish to. 

This month the doctor filed a petition in the Machakos High Court in eastern Kenya claming that women are being harassed for undergoing FGM. 

FGM was banned by the Kenyan parliament in 2011, leading to a decrease up to 16% in the national FGM rate.

Kamau's argument, willing to protect women who are undergoing FGM from the law would mean a major step backwards in the fight against FGM.

Having a law that makes the practice illegal is a major factor in supporting women against the public pressure. FGM is often a result of high pressure coming from the community, forcing women to undergo the practice, sometimes even "by choice" made by a society who won't accept an uncut woman.

Making FGM illegal is a major milestone in the fight against FGM! 

It needs jurisdiction, education and awareness to eridicate FGM! 


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