Kiera Chaplin becomes godmother of one of our "Desert Flower schools"

Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter finds new mission at Desert Flower Foundation

A strong duo: Waris Dirie (l.) and Kiera Chaplin.


Like our founder Waris Dirie, Kiera Chaplin earned her money mainly as a top model for a long time. Not the only thing in common. As human rights activists, they have both been campaigning for children's and women's rights for years. What could be more obvious than to do something together? Two strong women, one goal!

For Kiera Chaplin, her commitment to the Desert Flower Foundation is a new task. The granddaughter of the famous Charlie Chaplin has found a mission that is particularly close to her heart, in addition to her numerous commitments. "I really appreciate the work of Waris Dirie," says Kiera. "I really didn't have to think long about getting involved. I am happy to be a part of the Desert Flower family now."

As you know, we are currently building our first three "Desert Flower Schools" in Sierra Leone (West Africa) for a total of 1,200 children. Kiera Chaplin becomes godmother and name-giver of one of these schools. We are convinced that education for girls in Africa is the only effective tool against the cruel ritual of female circumcision. Through this education we make it possible for our "Desert Flowers" to lead a more self-determined life in the future and not be so easily suppressed by the constraints of a community.

This realization was also the reason why Waris Dirie and her Desert Flower Foundation started the great educational initiative for Africa. With Kiera Chaplin, the Foundation now has another strong competitor on board.

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