Kiera Chaplin helps the poorest in Africa

Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter sets a milestone with school opening

Kiera Chaplin opened first Desert Flower School in Sierra Leone.


Two strong women, one common goal! In March 2019, Kiera Chaplin, model, actress, granddaughter of the unforgettable Charlie Chaplin and great-granddaughter of Nobel Prize winner Eugene O'Neill, joined Waris Dirie and our Desert Flower Foundation. Now Kiera Chaplin provided a great highlight in her function as president of the "Fondation Fleur du Désert" in France. After six months of construction, she recently opened her first "Kiera Chaplin Desert Flower School" in Sierra Leone (West Africa) for 400 children.

This week Kiera Chaplin meets media representatives in Paris, gives interviews to journalists to inform about her important mission for the poorest people in Africa. Kiera's commitment is of course very closely linked to our major educational initiative in Africa. In the fight against the cruel practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) we invest in education!

"It was a very moving moment when I could finally fulfill my dream of a better world by opening the school", says Kiera. And she continues: "It is our duty to help those who are less fortunate than we are." The "Kiera Chaplin Desert Flower School" is located 30 kilometers south of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown in the community of River Number 2. 400 children will attend our school from now on. Most of them for the first time because there was no school in the whole area until now!

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