"My name is Rosetta and I want to become a lawyer"

Thanks to your generous donations, she can go to school

Rosetta is one of our "desert flowers".


Her name is Rosetta Allieu. She is one of our "desert flower" children in the Newton Community in Sierra Leone (West Africa). When she was very young, her mother suddenly got an incurable disease. Since then she has been living with her father. She attends the St. Francis Junior Secondary School.

Five years ago Rosetta was accepted into the Desert Flower Foundation's sponsorship project. Only your donations made it possible for her to attend this school. Rosetta is a diligent student, she loves to learn. And when asked what her career aspirations are, she immediately says: "I would like to become a lawyer one day."

With our education initiative we protect the girls from the cruel crime of female genital mutilation (FGM) and from forced marriage. We give them self-confidence and a self-determined future. Thank you very much for your donations.

Save a small desert flower!

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