New musical "Wüstenblume" convinces with strong message

Moments of goosebumps during the world premiere at the theater St. Gallen

Waris Dirie with the ensemble (Photo: Andoni Lopez).

The musical "Wüstenblume" is stirring. It is more than an evening with sensitive music and beautiful lyrics, with energetic actresses and exotic stage design. (...) The woman whose life the musical tells and who came in person to the world premiere in St. Gallen, Switzerland on Saturday evening also received a huge applause: Waris Dirie. It is an evening that celebrates strong women. (dpa, Süddeutsche Zeitung, translated into English)

At the end there were standing ovations when Waris Dirie entered the stage, applauded the ensemble and thanked the audience. With one blow all fears were wiped away as to whether such a sensitive topic as female genital mutilation (FGM) would be suitable as material for a musical at all. The storms of enthusiasm of the audience showed: Message received!

"Wüstenblume" does not only want to entertain, but has a very clear message. "I want to encourage all women and girls," says Waris Dirie. "This musical stands for the strength of women. In my life I have laughed a lot, but I have also experienced a lot of pain. I have gone through so many ups and downs, but I have never lost my courage to face life. Stand by your convictions. Never let your wishes, dreams and goals deter you. I am convinced: We women will save this world, because we are the backbone for a better society and a non-violent coexistence."

The new musical sensitizes people to the horrible practice of female genital mutilation in a completely new way. Like bestseller book (1998) and film (2009), the play creates awareness for FGM - but this time on the theatre stage. Of course, "Wüstenblume" is also intended to entertain people, but above all to shake them up that FGM must be eradicated once and for all.

"Wüstenblume" is an outcry and at the same time delivers a passionate plea for the strength of women!

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